• WITH BOX
    • Like-new condition 
    • no issues & hidden damages 
    • machine's working properly.
    • comes with 1 portafilter and 2 scoops basket
    • From korea not dubai. 
    • NO BOX
    • 60HZ 64W
    • 220v


    • Pressure filter for cream: The cream is one of those details that differentiate a good coffee from a superior coffee. The Saeco Poemia incorporates a pressurized filter holder (they call it the Great Cream) that prepares an incredible, dense, long-lasting cream that satisfies a delicious cream with a long-lasting and unbeatable taste. The best ending for your espressos.
    • Ground coffee and Easy Serving: You can use in Saeco Poemia both ground coffee and ESE single-dose pods (E.S.E is a standard single-dose pod that stands for Easy Serving Espresso).
    • Removable elements: All the elements of the coffee maker can be removed, cleaned, replaced, etc. We refer to the filters, the drip tray, the water or coffee tanks…
    • 15 bar pressure pump: A good espresso cannot be guaranteed without a good pump.
    • Cup holder: Very original and practical: Always keep your favourite cup or glass in the coffee maker. Forget about taking up space in cupboards and always keep it within reach. And you can also heat the cup while you wait… no more warm coffees forever!
    • Pannarello: Behind this name lies one of our favourite accessories for the Saeco Poemia: a manual milk frother that you will have to insert yourself into the milk and turn (spin) it very slowly to create a handmade, and of course instant, milk foam. Simply spectacular.

    Philips Saeco Poemia coffee machine

    SKU: COU1060073