• 3500
    • NO BOX
    • 800 W
    • 2 L glass jar
    • with spatula
    • ProBlend 6



    • Unique off-center jar design to mix ingredients efficiently

      Blade positioned off-center in the jar will create turbulence and mixing ingredients in the most effective way.


    • Powerful 800 W motor

      This Philips blender has a strong 800 W motor for blending, mixing and crushing effectively.


    • Max 2 L (with food 1.5 L) high quality glass jar

      The 2 L jar is made of high quality glass which is scratch proof, and allows to process hot ingredients.


    • Variable speed control with illuminated display

      Set the blender to the speed you want with this unique control knob.


    • Programmed ice crushing function

      Motor will operate pre-programmed sequence to crush ice easily with the touch of a button


    • One touch pulse and smoothie button

      Pulse button to control the operation whatever you want and smoothie button for making the best tasting smoothie by pressing once.


    • Spatula for mixing ingredients easily

      The handy spatula of the Philips blender ensures a safe stirring while blending the ingredients.


    • Easy cleaning with detachable blade

      Easy cleaning with detachable blade unit


    • Dishwasher safe, except for the main unit and blade assembly

      All parts are dishwasher safe

    PHILIPS BLENDER ProBlend 6 HR2096

    SKU: APU1060077